Walk Behind & Mounted Aerators

Aercore 800

Walk-Behind Aerators
  • 31.5-in. (80-cm) coring
  • Lightweight design
  • Drive tire core deflectors

Aercore 1000

Mounted Aerators
  • 37.5-inch coring swath
  • Up to 4-inch coring depth
  • Flexi-link supporting arm
  • Fiberglass reinforced belts for quiet operation

Aercore 1500

Mounted Aerators
  • 57.5-inch coring swath
  • Flexi-link supporting arm
  • Fiberglass reinforced belts
  • Produces up to 900,000 holes per hour

Aercore 2000

Mounted Aerators
  • 77.5-inch coring swath
  • Fiberglass reinforced belts
  • Six tine options to choose from
  • Simple maintenance


Collection System
  • 0.7m³ capacity
  • Clear the average green in 15 minutes
  • Efficient direct drive hydraulic motor
Walk Behind & Mounted Aerators, are available in the Bristol, Narberth, Great Britain, Great Britain, Herefordshire of dealer Tallis Amos Group